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Momentary return and cleanup.

2013-12-07 07:13:16 by mechanoid-9

Alright, once more it's been a very long while I've visited my page, mainly because I had nothing new to submit. Last week however, I unexpectedly got inspiration for a new project, and finished it up this Thursday. I eventually decided to upload it here as well, but first this account needed a massive cleanup.

I've deleted my previous, rather embarassing journal entries (dear f*ck, was I an obnoxious lil teenage sh*t back then, I mean GOD, it was horrible reading some of them now). Though by now I know that most of my old audio work is also really really sub-par, I decided to keep them uploaded, mainly for nostalgia, though I did delete a couple of tracks that were the absolute worst of the worst. I also replaced the audio files of some songs with larger and higher quality versions.

This is not my great return to NG, by any account, as I probably won't have time and inspiration for many new songs in the near future, but who knows. At least my profile is somewhat presentable now. That is all; enjoy the new song folks.

P.S. Thank you everyone for all the downloads, votes and reviews I've gotten in my absence!


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