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Entry #3

How to f* up your own audio submission irrevocably.

2014-05-20 08:04:25 by mechanoid-9

So I wanted to upload an icon for Birth Of A Superhero (and my other 8-bit songs), but didn't like the first one I submitted, and the edit submission interface just WOULD NOT LET ME CHANGE IT or remove it no matter what I did. I tried to replace it with different pics 234234255 times, even logged out, cleared cache, different browser, etc. It just WOULD. NOT. DO IT. Found no mention of this issue anywhere, let alone a solution. After that, I decided to reupload the song and it proceeded to finish the job and piss me the f* off completely by refusing to delete the old submission and not letting me give the same title to the reuploaded project. I clicked delete and it stayed there, invisible among my projects, but still accessible by direct link. I can't believe it that I've been on this site for 8 friggin years and it's still a piece of s* in terms of coding and functionality. Would it be so hard to write an algorhythm that renames a deleted project to gibberish or something? Great job NG.


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